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Camping Grill lifestyle
  • Wolf & Grizzly
  • Steel
  • 1kgs

Lightweight Grill + Ferro Rod & Striker

Barbecue anywhere with this lightweight and foldable grill from Wolf & Grizzly.

It weighs just 1kg and packs up small, so you can take it anywhere and cook a meal a whole lot easier with this superior quality hiking grill.

You’ll also need to get the fire started, so not only will you get the grill but this premium Ferro Rod and heavy duty, lightweight steel striker comes along with your purchase.

This portable grill can be set to be flat or at different heights by using its attached legs. It can sit above your own bon fire or in harmony and on top of this lightweight fire pit.

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Fire Pit charcoal fire close up
Fire Pit angled view
  • Wolf & Grizzly
  • Polyester
  • Steel
  • 751-999 grams
  • 1 Year Limited

Portable, Foldable & Lightweight Fire Pit

Bring the comforts of the cabin along with you on your next adventure with this fire pit that was engineered for hiking.

It weighs just 910 grams, packs up small and even has a carry case for tinder and your Ferro Rod fire striker.

Not only is it light and easily foldable, this Fire Safe from Wolf & Grizzly has been designed to use over a 1/4 less fuel per unit of surface area than its closest competitor, so you won’t need as much fire wood or charcoal to cook a meal.  This can become pretty important if conditions turn for the worse or you’re on a trail where you’ll need to bring along your own fuel.

Barbecue anywhere when you add the Wolf & Grizzly M1 Grill which is designed to be a companion of this premium fire pit.

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Folding Steak Knives
Folding Steak Knives - one is open other is closed
  • Barebones Living
  • Hardwood
  • Steel
  • Not Dishwasher Friendly

Folding Steak Knives (Set of 2)

Stainless steel folding blade with a polished hardwood handle makes this one hell of a steak knife.

The folding functionality isn’t just to look good (although it definitely does!), it’s for the convenience of being able to pack it away neatly or fit it in your pocket, but also the added safety of the blade not being exposed when the knife is closed.

With a sharpened blade and oiled wood handle, this set of two steak knives are ready for your next camping trip or lunch on a day hike. As the materials have already been treated, you can get years of use out of this premium set of camping steak knives and then eventually oil up the wood to make it in top condition for many more years to come.

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Two LED Trailblazer Flashlights standing on table
LED Barebones Trailblazer Torch
  • Barebones Living

LED Torch & Power Bank

This is an essential item that just got a whole lot more helpful. The Trailblazer from Barebones is a powerful torch/flashlight with 500 lumens and a 4000k focus, but it doesn’t stop there. The torch is also a power bank so that you can charge electronic devices and the handle can be used as a stand, allowing you to free up your hands.



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Guy on the rocks trying to find Ramsden Cave
Haalebos walking through Otways Rain Forest in Australia
The Twelve Apostles

We’ve been getting out onto the Great Ocean Road a lot lately. Soon, we’ll be covering over 100 locations in the most detailed & best Great Ocean Road travel guide that exists.

From campgrounds and hiking trails, the Surf Coast, Great Otway National Park, Shipwreck Coast and of course the famous 12 Apostles and infamous Loch Ard Gorge, if it’s worth visiting then we’ll be telling you all about it, here.

A lot of the main highlights on the Great Ocean Road that includes Australia’s most visited natural tourist attraction are in the Port Campbell National Park, so while we’re busy completing the full Great Ocean Road guide, here’s a little taster for in the meantime.

Gog and Magog at Port Campbell National Park

Latest Products To Go On Sale

Super Lightweight Sleeping Mat being packed
Super Lightweight Sleeping Mat plain view
  • Klymit
  • Polyester
  • 1.3
  • Single
  • 201-500 grams

Lightweight Sleeping Pad

This has got to be one of the most lightweight sleeping mats on the market that is still comfortable, durable and looks good.

Introducing the Static V Ultralight SL from Klymit, it’s their lightest sleeping pad for sale that has the comfortable V design and we absolutely recommend it!

Not only is it built to be light and make it a bit easier to carry on the hike itself, the Klymit V design also makes it super comfortable by spreading your weight and increasing the support.

This is our highest recommended lightweight sleeping pad to take hiking.

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$189.95 $159.95
Lid Lifter in action
Lid Lifter
  • Barebones Living
  • Steel
  • 201-500 grams

Lid Lifter

Upgrade from a spare tent peg to this stainless steel lid lifter that’s specifically designed for cast iron cooking gear.

This is an absolutely necessary tool for a cast iron dutch oven.

Cast iron pots and pans makes camping a whole lot better ..& easier. Take a look at our full range of cast iron cookware.

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$19.95 $17.95
Large Camping Crock Pot next to Dutch Oven
Large Camping Crock Pot Side View
  • Barebones Living
  • Cast Iron
  • Large
  • 3.6kgs

Large Cast Iron Crock Pot

Cook for the entire campground with this large cast iron crock pot from Barebones.

Made to last with the heavy duty cast iron, spend a bit more and enjoy the convenience of this high quality large camping cooking pot for decades to come!

Prepare your meal as though you’re at home cooking for all the troops, then have the ability to put this pot straight on the fire. Of course it might be smarter to sit the pot onto some coals or by the side of the campfire, but being made of cast iron, it’s your call because this thing can go anywhere!

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$119.95 $110.95
Sale New
8" Cast Iron Camping Pan on stones
Brand New Cast Iron 8" Frying Pan for Camping
  • Barebones Living
  • Cast Iron
  • Small
  • 2.7kgs

Small Cast Iron Frying Pan

Back in stock!

Cooking on the campfire becomes a whole lot easier with a frying pan and this one is a little beauty.

Made from durable cast iron, weighing in under 3kgs, less than 40cms long when you measure the furthest straight distance and cheaper than a box of beer, make sure you get this small frying pan before you next camping trip and you should have it for decades to come.

Ideal for pancakes, a few patties, eggs or half a dozen sausages, although if you’re looking to cook some larger meals then it’s worth taking a look at Barebones medium size or large camping frying pan.

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$34.95 $32.95