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We love exploring, not just new places but old. Sometimes we'll go to the same place over and over again or search for somewhere new because we just can't get enough of camping in the most scenic or interesting places that we can find, hiking to where vehicles can't take us or putting on our nice shoes and spending some time in the comfort of a city. ...then we tell you all about here! is made up of a bunch of passionate travel, hiking and camping enthusiasts sharing tips, writing reviews and working hard on delivering a well stocked online camping store, lead by us, Eva and Guy.

We've extensively traveled across France, the Netherlands and southern Australia, and have spent a lot of time venturing around other parts of Europe, South-east Asia and China.

Eva is Dutch-born, grew up France and has spent her adult life either traveling or working in the wine tourism industry. Guy was born and raised in Australia and is now a wild-life and nature tour guide. We both currently live in Geelong, Victoria - right at the start of the Great Ocean Road.

From hiking trails to camping gear, we'll tell you about the places we go and the gear we use. We recommend all of the products that we sell on our online camping store and while we're living in Australia, we encourage you to enquire about us taking you on camping trip!

We're busy re-building to deliver a better store and allow us to publish more blog posts, reviews and products!

If there's something you're wanting to find out or tell us about, reach out at!

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