Hiking to the Hanging Rock summit, then a quick look at Turpins Falls

We’re use to going on quite long trips, we think ‘the further, the better’, although then we can really only get away for a weekend or two a month. This weekend, we we’re looking for something a little closer to Melbourne, where we could get outdoors, have a hike, checkout some views and be home before sunset.

Recently, we had watched (half of) the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, it seemed like an interesting place to visit in country Victoria and less than a 2 hour drive from Melbourne, Hanging Rock is great place for a day hike.

It takes around 20-30 minutes to walk from the carpark to the Summit. We spent about an hour on top of the small mountain and it was a lot of fun ducking and winding through, under and around a natural maze of huge rocks.

Take a look at the video below of our hike, you can find our Hanging Rock Hiking Trail review here.

We then went to Turpins Falls, which was a short drive from Hanging Rock. 

Turpins Falls

It was only about a nice half-an-hour drive or so from Hanging Rock to get to Turpins Falls.

This would be a great place for a swim on a hot day! It’s a pretty steep, but safe and easy walk with handrails down to the bottom of the pool with the waterfall on the other side. You can easily enter the water from there.

Melbournians travel there by the car load in summer and jump off the edge of cliff, next to the waterfall – although be warned (as you’ll see on several signs on the walk down) that it’s not safe to jump and plenty of people have died doing so!

Take a look at the short video below or for more info, have a look at our review of Turpins Falls.