The story of Ramsden Cave goes: about a century ago, a farmer lost his goat and tracked it along the coast from Apollo Bay west, all the way to Cape Patton. Just past Cape Patton and half way up the sixty-five metre cliff with the Great Ocean Road on top, he followed the goat into a cave that opened up to a big underground lake.

Yesterday marked 100 years since construction began on the Great Ocean Road. On our way to Apollo Bay for the celebrations, we stopped near Cape Patton, scaled down a cliff and along the rugged, rocky coast to see if we could find the so called Ramsden Cave.

Maybe we should have waited until the tide was out, but we had a schedule to keep and got lucky between the waves and swell to make it to the cave. We only quickly took a look in the cave, then got ourselves to Apollo Bay in time for the big 100 year birthday!

It was a lot of fun scaling along the rocks beneath the Great Ocean Road, although we’ll certainly be coming back here soon with the head torches and do a bit more exploring inside the cave.

Guy scaling the rocks to find Ramsden Cave
Guy scaling the rocks near Ramsden Cave
Guy on the rocks filming a wave
Guy scaling the rocks beneath Cape Patton
Guy on the rocks trying to find Ramsden Cave