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Camping Gear

-6˚Celsius Duck Down Sleeping Bag with sleeping pad
-6˚Celsius Duck Down Sleeping Bag
  • Klymit
  • Black
  • Duck Down
  • Nylon
  • Single
  • 1.3kgs

Lightweight Duck Down Sleeping Bag (-6˚ Celsius)

Get a whole better sleep with this premium quality hiking sleeping bag from Klymit.

Sometimes comfort is sacrificed for a lighter pack to carry, which is no longer the case KSB 20 lightweight sleeping bag, built for hiking.

Durable, lightweight and warm as low as -6˚C, this is one beauty of a hiking sleeping bag and well deserves its “award winning” claim.

A more durable nylon exterior and a soft hydrophobic, 20D nylon lining (silk-sheet) interior with duck down insulation, experience s warm and comfortable sleep when camping with this superior lightweight hiking sleeping bag.

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Cutlery Set in use
Cutlery Set Top View
  • Barebones Living
  • Black
  • Steel
  • Dishwasher Friendly

Cutlery Set (2 of each)

High quality and simple cutlery that adds a little taste of elegance in a discreet way to your camping gear.

Made from one cut of durable stainless steel with the handle being black with a brush-like fade to the original colour for the spoon, fork or knife top. This is one beautiful camping cutlery set for those looking for something that’s of a long lasting high quality, yet while last the test of time and a few hard knocks while camping.

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Black Barebones Hanging Lantern
Black Hanging Lantern - Barebones Beacon Camping Light
  • Barebones Living
  • Black
  • Red
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Steel

Antique Bronze LED Hanging Camping Lantern

We’re strong believers that you can never have too much lighting when camping. If you’ve tried a few different camping lights that just aren’t bright enough, long enough, then you’ll be ready to step up to these high quality hanging beacons from Barebones.

On the lowest setting, this camping lantern will last over 200 hours, otherwise a few hours on it’s brightest setting.

With a clip on the top and three brightness settings, this lantern is made for camping as it can be hung near or close by. With it’s sleek design, you’ll want to make sure it’s in the most prominent position of your campsite so that you can show it off.

Also available in red.

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