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Super Heavy Duty Sleeping Pad close up
Super Heavy Duty Sleeping Pad
  • Klymit
  • Armoured Nylon Superfabric®
  • Single
  • 1.1kgs

Super Heavy Duty Sleeping Pad

Built tough with 300,000 precisely placed armored SuperFabric™ scales on the bottom of the pad makes this the toughest sleeping pad on the market.

It’s certainly not a lightweight option at 1,100 grams, although due to it’s superior durability, there is the potential to leave some other items behind and take this hiking, otherwise throw it in the back of the car and forget about having to give it a fragile treatment.

With Klymit’s Static V design, you’ll experience maximum comfort as pressure is trapped in a side rail around the sleeping pad and pockets throughout, ensuring air isn’t pushed into one corner.

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