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Camping Gear

Kids Sleeping Pad in use by child
Kids Sleeping Pad
  • Klymit
  • Polyester
  • Small
  • 501-750 grams

Kids Sleeping Pad

The Static V design is Klymit’s most popular range of hiking and camping sleeping pads due to it’s comfortable layout and support that spreads your weight. This is the Static V design, just made shorter!

At only 369 grams, this is a lightweight kids sleeping pad for camping that they could carry themselves or is light enough that you’d hardly notice it strapped to your pack.

The design isn’t just to offer lots of support, be tough and look good, it also reduces disturbances for a better nights sleep when camping.

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Ambidextrous Camping Scissors on Table
Ambidextrous Camping Scissors
  • Barebones Living
  • Hardwood
  • Steel
  • Small
  • 201-500 grams

Small Stainless Steel Scissors

These tough stainless steel and hardwood scissors not only have a round handled and ambidextrous design for comfort, but they look good and are built tough.

Designed for the outdoors, they’re rust proof, heavy duty and and have heat treated sharpened blades for better cutting.

The stainless steel is right through the frame of these scissors, from the blades to the outer handles with beautiful Walnut as the inner parts of the handles. You’ll enjoy carrying these scissors around on many camping trips, so much so that you’ll be looking for things to cut around the campsite.

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Crock Pot on table
  • Barebones Living
  • Cast Iron
  • Small
  • 2.9kgs

Small Cast Iron Crock Pot

Go camping and feel like you’re cooking at home with this 25cm/8 & 2qt inch cast iron crock pot from Barebones.

The durable cast iron allows you to put this crock pot straight into the fire to cook your dish at extreme heat, although you can just cook at a temperature a bit more like you commonly would by sitting it on the edge of the fire and keeping yourself entertained with the occasional rotation.

Being just 25cms wide, it’s a good size crock pot for couple of people, although if you’re wanting to prepare larger meals, try the 30 cm model or the larger 36cm model.

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8" Cast Iron Camping Pan on stones
Brand New Cast Iron 8" Frying Pan for Camping
  • Barebones Living
  • Cast Iron
  • Small
  • 2.7kgs

Small Cast Iron Frying Pan

Back in stock!

Cooking on the campfire becomes a whole lot easier with a frying pan and this one is a little beauty.

Made from durable cast iron, weighing in under 3kgs, less than 40cms long when you measure the furthest straight distance and cheaper than a box of beer, make sure you get this small frying pan before you next camping trip and you should have it for decades to come.

Ideal for pancakes, a few patties, eggs or half a dozen sausages, although if you’re looking to cook some larger meals then it’s worth taking a look at Barebones medium size or large camping frying pan.

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