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Lightweight Axe on wood
Lightweight Axe with sheath
  • Barebones Living
  • Hardwood
  • Steel
  • 501-750 grams

Lightweight Hatchet (600 grams)

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Made from heavy duty carbon steel with a Beech wood handle, yet only 600grams makes this one tough, compact camping axe that’s ready for you to hang from your pack next time you’re out on a hike.

This lightweight camping axe comes with a sheath so you can safely lug it around or throw it in the back of the car with less risk of it’s sharp steal blade causing mayhem.

The choice of superior quality materials means that this compact axe isn’t just tough, but it looks great and will only look better with a bit of use. If weight doesn’t matter too much and you won’t  be taking it hiking, then take a look at this field hatchet or larger camping axe.

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Hatchet Camping Axe in log
Hatchet Camping Axe next to sheath
  • Barebones Living

Tomahawk Hatchet Axe

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Make chopping up fire wood or clearing a path that bit easier with this premium quality compact hatchet made with a high carbon steel and a durable hickory wood handle.

It’s 1.7 kgs, making it easy to lug around on your waist, yet enough weight to cutting through small logs and branches.

With a traditional tomahawk style, this camping hatchet is only 41cm long and built to not only look good, but last years of future camping trips.

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Superior Camping Axe wedged in log
Superior Camping Axe in sheath
  • Barebones Living
  • Hardwood
  • Steel
  • 2.5kgs

Duel Blade Superior Axe

Superior and heavy duty carbon steel camping axe with a Beech wood handle.

Equipped with two blades, the front is vertical and the rear blade being horizontal allowing you to cut branches or roots from the stump or trunk more easily.

Compared to a standard yard axe, this still a bit smaller with a full length of 61cms, although every part of it is heavy duty, even the base of the handle is a steel pommel for hammering.

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