Aire Crossing Campsite

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Surounded by large gums and green ferns, Aire river is in the heart of the Otawys National Park, approximately three hours west of Melbourne.

There are two ways to drive there from Melbourne, either along the Great Ocean Road or the back route towards Colac and into the Otways – both are stunning, the second is much faster is scenic once you’ve made it into the forest.

– no fees

– no fires

– drop toilet

– rock pools

– swimming,

– fishing

Aire Crossing is another one of our favourite spots and one i like to think of as a bit of a hidden gem.

The fact that it is a little more remote than some of the other campsites in the Otways makes it a bit more of an effort for some of the less adventurous campers, therefore there is less people around which is always a plus.

Realisticly, there is only enough space for about 2 or 3 groups of people if you want to be comfortable. This campsite is first in first served so make sure you get there early! A 4×4 isn’t always necessary but when its wet it might be preferred as the track down to the sight can get a little rough.

Triplet Falls is a close drive, which is well worth the visit for a beautiful rain forest walk and photos of the amazing falls which are spectacular, especially after some good rain.

To get there, turn right when coming out of the campsite back towards the larger road, it’s a 4×4 track, although we did it in our Subaru Forester’s – if you don’t have a 4wd, may be best to go to the main road and it still isn’t too far – a one to two hour walk, depending how fit you are or a 15 minute drive.

Aire Crossing Campsite

*You can no longer have fires here, since a fires in the Otways and surrounding area years ago.

This is the road into Aire Crossing Campsite, it can become pretty muddy in winter.

Road into Aire Crossing Campsite

The river below Aire Crossing campsite. About a 30 metre walk.

River at Aire Crossing

Aire Crossing River

Aire Crossing Log in River


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