Medium Cast Iron Crock Pot

Camping while cooking is easy with a crock pot! Enjoy decades of cooking with this cast iron beast from Barebones.

Cast Iron is of course super heavy duty. Prepare your meal then sit this crock post straight on the fire or by the side and rotate, if you’re looking for a bit of a lower temperature. Even with a pretty hard life and not a lot of love, you shouldn’t have to buy another one or at least not for decades, making the $99.95 hold its value.

At 30cms, it’s the ideal size as it’s still pretty easy to cart around while having loads of space to cook a large meal. If you’re looking for something smaller, try the smaller model, alternatively if you’re cooking for a larger group or a few massive eaters, the large crock pot might be a better match.


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This medium size cast iron crock pot is probably the most ideal size out of the three models as it’s still small enough to nicely fit with the rest of the cooking gear while being 30cms allows you to cook some substantial meals for a decent size group. If you are just planning on cooking for yourself or a couple of other people, maybe the small crock pot is better suited for you, otherwise cook for a larger party with the large crock pot.

Purchase this super high quality and heavy duty cooking pot and you won’t have to worry about materials contaminating your food or having to replace anytime soon. You’ll have this for life or at least a really damn long time, so have the comfort of knowing you’ll be able to whip up home kitchen quality meals each time you go camping, as long as you have a fire and someone that knows how to cook!

Weight 3.2kgs
Dimensions (cms) 30.0cm x 26.8cm x 16.1cm
Dimensions (inches) 8” – 2 qt. / 10” – 4 qt. / 12” – 8 qt.
Material Cast Iron
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

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