Small Cast Iron Crock Pot

Go camping and feel like you’re cooking at home with this 25cm/8 & 2qt inch cast iron crock pot from Barebones.

The durable cast iron allows you to put this crock pot straight into the fire to cook your dish at extreme heat, although you can just cook at a temperature a bit more like you commonly would by sitting it on the edge of the fire and keeping yourself entertained with the occasional rotation.

Being just 25cms wide, it’s a good size crock pot for couple of people, although if you’re wanting to prepare larger meals, try the 30 cm model or the larger 36cm model.

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Cook like you never left your own kitchen with this cast iron crock pot.

Ideal for 1-3 people, although for larger meals, try the medium crock pot or large crock pot. The beauty of this 25cm crock pot is that it’s convenient to pack as it’s a bit smaller than the other models or a dutch oven, while it’s still got plenty of room to cook up a decent size meal.

Being made of cast iron, not only can you place this straight on the flames or even right into the middle of your camp fire, but it’ll also last a really long time if you (barely) look after it. In fact, it’ll last so long that Barebones even sell it with a Limited Lifetime Waranty.

This is a super heavy duty camping crock pot and seeing as you’re going to have it for many years to come, there’s a lot of value for less than $65!


Weight 2.9kg
Dimensions (cms) 25.0cm x 20.6cm x 13.6cm
Dimensions (inches) 8” – 2 qt. / 10” – 4 qt. / 12” – 8 qt.
Material Cast Iron
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

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