Large Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Get the troops ready for a feast, we’re pulling out the large cast iron dutch oven!

Add a roast, cook a large curry or boil up some refills for multiple hot water bags at once. The 12 inch dutch oven has a lot of space of cooking larger meals.

Simply sit it straight on the fire or hang it above the flames with a tripod, depending what temperature you want this to heat up to and jeez it heats up fast! You could have morning coffees ready for your whole party with a bit of hot water left over for a shower while the campers next door is still assembling their Trangia.

Looking for something a bit more modest? Take a look at the medium size dutch oven that it just as heavy-duty and still has plenty of space.

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This large cast iron dutch oven from Barebones is of the highest quality and will quickly become your go-to camping pot!

Being made of a cast iron body, it’s pretty heavy and super heavy duty. Definitely not for hiking, although if you’re heading camping and have the space, this will make your cooking and water boiling so much easier.  Due to the high quality, this cast iron dutch oven will last for decades if treated right, even with a few big knocks. It’s best to pay a little more and buy this superior item, rather than having to replace it every few years.

Put the dutch oven straight on the fire or you can work out a way to hang it in the flames (a tripod is a good idea for this!), depending on how fast you’re wanting to cook. It gets extremely hot, extremely fast, which is ideal when you’re quickly wanting to boil up some water for a tea and to fill the hot water bottles before bed.


41.0cm x 36.8cm x 44.5cm

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