Medium Cast Iron Frying Pan

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With the pan being about 27cm wide and weighing in just over 3kg, this is cast iron frying pan is an ideal size to take camping.

Put it straight on the fire, stove or in the oven and you’re ready cook. If you don’t already have a frying pan for camping, after purchasing this, it’ll most likely become your most used camping cookware item, purely because it require near no maintenance and can be placed directly on the campfire.

You shouldn’t ever have to replace it, although if you’re serious about cooking while camping, consider getting a second smaller or larger camping frying pan so that you can have multiple dishes cooking at the same time or keep some items warm.

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Cooking a meal on the campfire gets a whole let easier ..& better when you’ve got a cast iron frying pan.

This is the ideal size camping frying pan and it’s perfect accomplice would be a smaller or large frying pan so that you can get more on the flames at once or separate certain items, like the veggies from the meat.

Made from cast iron, this is a heavy duty frying pan that can be added straight on the flames. For more consistent or lower temperatures, try making a small and flat pile of coals to sit the pan on or if you’ve got a more camping kitchen, it’s also suitable for ovens and stoves.

Weight 3.2kgs
Dimensions (cms) 26.8cm x 45.34cm x 4.83cm
Material Cast Iron
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

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