Small Stainless Steel Blade Spade

When you’re out bush and the time comes calling, you’ll be damn happy that you’ve got this superb little spade from Barebones.

Other than for private emergency use, you’ll be surprised on the number of times a small spade comes in handy when camping, the great part about this one is that you’ll be proud to use, it’s built for comfort and materials will last many years of camping trips ahead.

You won’t waste anytime digging with a blunt edge as this camping spade comes with a heat-treated stainless steel blade. Topped with an ergonomic designed Walnut handle, this spade not only looks great but it’s comfortable, durable and still less than 300 grams.

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Heat treated steel blade with an ergonomic Walnut handle.

If you’re just looking to dig trenches, consider this steel hoe from Barebones.


36.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 4.45 cm


299 grams

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Barebones Living


Hardwood, Steel


201-500 grams

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