Australia's Cool Climate Getaway Packed With Incredible Landscapes

Filled with rugged terrain and stunning landscapes, remote beaches and dense, isolated rain forests & bush land. Tasmania has loads of places that you won't find anywhere else when you're exploring Australia and they're super beautiful so it's certainly worth visiting this place at least once in your life.

Tassie has natural surprises for you in every direction with some of the best places to go hiking and camping in the country. A quick visit or longer expedition could end up making Tasmania one of you're favorite places to get close to nature and far away from people.

Best Places To Visit While Exploring Tasmania

Each twist and turn down the windy Tasmania roads hold something incredible.

The west is wild with jagged rocky Dollerite mountains that look like they’re from Lord of the Rings to the dense and quiet cool-climate rainforest beside the treacherous Southern Ocean that smashes against the isolated coastline.

East Tasmania has the majority of the population with loads of stunning beaches and surf towns on the coast.

Eva is still in Tasmania now – once she returns, we’ll start showing you where we’ve been and suggest you visit when you travel to Tasmania.


Launceston is where you can fly to from the mainland Australia. A whole heap of tours start from here there are about 10 camping, hiking and travel stores in the city.

The gorge is amazing! It has some walks where the trail is along the edge of the gorge, a lot of the time it’s suspended – it’s really worth visiting.

We’ll put together a page about Launceston soon, showing you some day hikes and other things to do when you’re there.


More Pages Coming Soon!

We’ll be putting up a whole heap of recommendations here soon, for you to checkout when you’re visiting Tasmania.


& More!

Whether you want a rugged adventure out west or wanting to take it a bit more easy in the east. We’ll tell you about it here.


Some Places We Recommend to Go Camping in Tasmania

Corinna Eco Park

Amazing place- write-up and images coming soon!


More Coming Soon

Way more content coming soon!


Hiking in Tasmania

We’ve spent a lot of time living near St Michel and have some friends in the area, so we typically find accommodation here and if we’re willing to stay five minutes further down the road, we can normally find somewhere with a car park too.

If you’re traveling to Bordeaux and wanting to stay in the nicer and cleaner part of town, we recommend

If you’re backpacking

Cradle Mountain

We did an amazing day hike in the Cradle Mountain National Park. We’ll have a whole heap of info & images up here soon.


Savage River Walk

More to come about this unbelievable walk along side the Pieman and Savage rivers through a cool-climate rainforest.


Mount Donaldson

Short, few hour day-hike to the summit for a stunning 360 degree view of forest and rivers with mountains on the horizon. We’ll write more and create a web page for this and other places packed with images. Come back soon and check it out, we’ve only just got back from Tassie.


Way More Content Coming Soon!

I’ve only just got back to base from Tasmania and Eva is still over there exploring the east-coast.
Come back soon, once we’ve had a chance to write all about where we recommend you travel, hike and go camping in Tasmania.<br>
In the meantime, checkout our travel blog.

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