Super Heavy Duty Sleeping Pad

Built tough with 300,000 precisely placed armored SuperFabric™ scales on the bottom of the pad makes this the toughest sleeping pad on the market.

It’s certainly not a lightweight option at 1,100 grams, although due to it’s superior durability, there is the potential to leave some other items behind and take this hiking, otherwise throw it in the back of the car and forget about having to give it a fragile treatment.

With Klymit’s Static V design, you’ll experience maximum comfort as pressure is trapped in a side rail around the sleeping pad and pockets throughout, ensuring air isn’t pushed into one corner.

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This is the toughest sleeping pad Klymit have ever produced. Built with the armored SuperFabric™, the bottom of this heavy duty sleeping pad has 300,000 perfectly placed stitches for maximum durability.

Sleep with this pad straight on the ground and never worry about stick, stones or gum nuts tearing a whole in the material and ruining the entire sleeping mat (and you’re nights’ sleep).

With just 10-15 breaths, you’ll have it inflated and can then enjoy the patented Static V design that has side rails and traps air pressure under your body and distributes weight across the pad.

This is for those looking for comfort and absolute durability, knowing that you can take this heavy duty sleeping pad anywhere and rely on it.

Product Details:

Weight 1.1 kgs
Dimensions 59 cms x 183 cms x 6.5 cms
– when packed 11.4 cms x 20 cms
Materials Top: 50D Stretch Top
100D Armoured Nylon Superfabric®
Inflation 10-15 breaths
R Value 1.6
Warranty Klymit Lifetime Warranty

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Armoured Nylon Superfabric®





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