We’ve re-built, now we’re re-stocking!

The new BPTRV website and store has been built & we’re busy filling it with content. There are already a load of new hiking trails and campsite reviews for you to take a look at, soon we’ll also have a bunch more camping and hiking gear reviews and in the meantime have a browse through our hiking and camping store which will soon have plenty of new and recommend stock for you to check out!

Camping Gear

Black Barebones Hanging Lantern
Black Hanging Lantern - Barebones Beacon Camping Light
  • Barebones
Forest Lantern on table - Barebones
Forest Lantern Red - Barebones
  • Barebones

Forest Camping Lantern

Camping lantern – bright as

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Large Camping Crock Pot next to Dutch Oven
Large Camping Crock Pot Side View
  • Barebones
  • Cast Iron
  • Large
  • 3.6kgs

Large Cast Iron Crock Pot

Cook for the entire campground with this large cast iron crock pot from Barebones.

Made to last with the heavy duty cast iron, spend a bit more and enjoy the convenience of this high quality large camping cooking pot for decades to come!

Prepare your meal as though you’re at home cooking for all the troops, then have the ability to put this pot straight on the fire. Of course it might be smarter to sit the pot onto some coals or by the side of the campfire, but being made of cast iron, it’s your call because this thing can go anywhere!

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12 Inch Cast Iron Dutch Oven
12" Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  • Barebones

Large Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Get the troops ready for a feast, we’re pulling out the 12 inch cast iron dutch oven!

Add a roast, cook a large curry or boil up some refills for multiple hot water bags at once. The 12 inch dutch oven has a lot of space of cooking larger meals.

Simply sit it straight on the fire or hang it above the flames with a tripod, depending what temperature you want this to heat up to and jeez it heats up fast! You could have morning coffees ready for your whole party with a bit of hot water left over for a shower while the campers next door is still assembling their Trangia.

Looking for something a bit more modest? Take a look at the 10 inch model that it just as heavy-duty and still has plenty of space.

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Hiking Gear

Black Barebones Hanging Lantern
Black Hanging Lantern - Barebones Beacon Camping Light
  • Barebones
Double self inflating sleeping mat grey
Double self inflating sleeping mat blue
  • Klymit
  • 75D Polyester
  • 1.6

Double Sleeping Mat

A smart purchase allowing you and another to comfortably sleep while only one of you needs to carry the mat!

Made of tough and durable material that’s not only light, but has great insulation for a warmer, better rest.

This double sleeping mat from Klymit isn’t just the size of a two person sleeping pad, it’s designed for two people. The padding design limits the inner air flow, so if you or your partner move during the night, the other person is less likely to feel it.

The only thing better than getting a double sleeping mat for hiking is getting one where the bag acts as a pump and that’s exactly what happens here with the Klymit Double V. Once you’ve rolled out the sleeping pad, give ten or so pumps from the bag and your ready for a good nights sleep before a big day of hiking!

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Black Barebones Beacon Camping Light on Table
Red Hanging Lantern - Barebones Beacon Camping Light
  • Barebones
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