Ferro Rod & Fire Striker

Strike sparks with ease and generate heat just shy of 3,000°C with this premium Ferro Rod and steel striker from Wolf & Grizzly.

Built to outlast lighters, matches and possibly even you with upto 20,000 strikes.

If you’re out trekking and end up in an unplanned situation where you’re not able to find anything dry to start a fire with, then you’re still not out of luck. Inside the Paracord that attaches the Ferro Rod with the striker is a woven piece of Jute that can be used as tinder in an emergency situation. Just cut off a bit of the Paracord, extract the Jute and light ‘er up.

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Possibly create sparks with your first strike as many people have claimed to do with this superior and innovatively designed fire starting stick and striker from Wolf & Grizzly. Designed to easily ignite and built to last many thousands of strikes, it doesn’t only shoot off sparks better than a lighter or matches but will also outlast them and have a lower cost on the environment.

This Ferro Rod has a wide surface area and sharp striker, allowing it to easily spark and create a heat of around 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit/almost 3,000 degrees Celsius.

These fire lighting sticks from Wolf & Grizzly are incredibly well designed and engineered for ease-of-use and durability, although we find the most impressive thing about this fire lighting tool is the cord attaching the rod with the striker. The outer layer is paracord and in the centre is woven Jute, which is a plant based material that can act as tinder to light a fire. If you were in the situation where you couldn’t find any dry materials to set the sparks onto, then you could cut open the Paracord, remove the Jute and set it on fire with the sparks generated by the Ferro Rod.

It only weighs 64 grams/2.23 ounces, making it suitable to take hiking.

Packed Dimensions: 11.5mm x 11mm x 100mm

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Wolf & Grizzly


Ferrocerium Rod, Jute, Nylon, Steel


1 Year Limited


<100 grams

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