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Our review of Turpins Falls, Victoria, Australia

Turpins Falls in a half-an-hour drive from Hanging Rock and just over hour from Melbourne, if you were to travel direct.

After parking at the top, it's a short and steep walk for a few minutes down to the falls. The path leads to the bottom of the waterfall, on the opposite side of pond. It's a beautiful spot, especially on  a hot day when you're looking for an low effort and relaxing place to swim (excluding the walk back up to the car park, which still isn't too tough if you're fit), due to the easy entry into the water. The surrounding area is well shaded with large trees.

As it's so close to Melbourne and a great picnic spot, we recommend calling past for a swim after you go hiking at Hanging Rock.

Turpin Falls are a popular sport for, cliff jumping, although we definitely do not advise it as it's become well known for fatal accidents!

Take a look at our video and blog post on Hanging Rock and Turpin Falls.

Turpin Falls, Victoria

The creek streaming away for the pond at the bottom of the falls.

Creek Behind Turpin Falls, Victoria